Trainer Pleads Guilty-Fined $4,500:Harness Link 5/30/17


The Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Racing Appeals and Disciplinary (RAD) Board today considered charges issued against licensed trainer Michael Doltoff under Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR) 196B(1) and 187(2) relating to a stable visit conducted by HRV Stewards on 8 December 2016.

AHRR 196B(1) states:

A person shall not without the permission of the Stewards within one (1) clear day of the commencement of a race administer, attempt to administer or cause to be administered an injection to a horse nominated for that race.

The particulars of this charge were that on 8 December 2016, Mr Doltoff did administer an injection to the horse ‘Valtona’ which was engaged to race at Yarra Valley the following day.

AHRR 187(2) states:

A person shall not refuse to answer questions or to produce a horse, document, substance or piece of equipment, or give false or misleading evidence or information at an inquiry or investigation. 

Mr Doltoff was issued with two separate charges under this rule, being that when questioned about the blood on the floor of the wash bay he initially stated that it was not as a result of an injection administered to ‘Valtona’ that day and also that the drip bag hanging in the wash bay was to be used for ‘General Joy’ and not ‘Valtona’.

Mr Doltoff pleaded guilty to all three charges and the HRV RAD Board heard submissions regarding penalty. 

After considering penalty submissions relating to AHRR 196B(1), that included recent comparable penalties, Mr Doltoff’s offence record and the seriousness of this particular offence, Mr Doltoff was issued with a fine of $4000.

In relation to the two charges under AHRR 187(2) for giving false and misleading evidence, Mr Doltoff was fined the sum of $250 on each charge, with particular consideration given to the relatively short time between the false evidence and the subsequent admission.

Harness Racing Appeals & Disciplinary Board 

Harness Racing Victoria