Striving to develop and promote uniform rules, policies and testing standards at the national level; coordinate research and educational programs that seek to ensure the integrity of racing and the health and welfare of racehorses and participants; and protect the interests of the racing public.

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The RMTC is incorporated as a tax-deductible organization with both scientific and educational purposes. It is governed by a board of directors representing 23 racing industry stakeholder groups.

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Racing Medication and Testing Consortium

RMTC Spotlight

Q: What is the Scientific Advisory Committee and what is its role?
A: The RMTC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is a group of experienced and knowledgeable regulatory veterinarians, veterinary pharmacologists, private practice veterinarians, and analytical chemists. As a group, they have over 300 years of experience in the horse racing industry. They are each experts in their respective fields – with extensive experience and numerous peer-reviewed publications related to horse racing medication.
One of the primary roles of the SAC is to review results of scientific information and to propose regulatory threshold recommendations for the industry. They do this using RMTC sponsored research as well as confidential data from studies performed by others including racing jurisdictions in other countries. #RMTCFAQ #CleanRacing

The AJC is a staunch supporter of the efforts of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium

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