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Tagline: Science. For the health of the horse.  Integrity. For the health of the sport.

Mission: Research, education and advocacy for science-based initiatives that promote the health and safety of the racehorse and the integrity of competition.


  • Sustain a grassroots nation-wide initiative to secure passage of uniform model medication rules, penalty guidelines and testing thresholds in all pari-mutuel racing jurisdictions
  • Restrict pre-race furosemide (Lasix) administration to third-party veterinarians only across every racing jurisdiction
  • Institute national minimum standards and best practices for all horse racing testing laboratories and further implement the RMTC Laboratory Accreditation Program and independent Equine Quality Assurance Program
  • Continue to acquire and analyze unknown substances to develop information on new threats to the integrity of racing
  • Increase funds to support medication research, laboratory advancements, out-of-competition testing, and drug testing developments
  • Provide communications guidance for state racing commissions, and educate fans and participants on the progress and developments of U.S. equine drug testing programs, RMTC research studies, and recommended medication policies


  • Implementation of a Tactical Research Program targeting rapid test development and deployment to support regulatory efforts to eradicate violators – enabling the identification of the unknown substances dichloracetic acid and tadalafil in a case for the DE racing commission, the testing of compounded drugs confiscated in NM, FL and Canada, and the determination of appropriate threshold levels and normal levels in racing horses for cobalt and GABA
  • Approval of model rules establishing a Multiple Medication Violations penalty system for more severe penalties for repeat offenders by the RCI board
  • Approval of model rules for 30 controlled therapeutic substances with withdrawal time guidance by RCI board
  • Launch of a five-part initiative to develop a comprehensive drug testing plan for U.S. horse racing testing laboratories – leading to the accreditation of eight laboratories testing samples for 28 pari-mutuel racing states to the RMTC Laboratory Accreditation Program
  • Funding of at least $2 million in drug testing research, including a recent workshop on equine hair testing
  • Establishment of a post-doctoral research fellowship program, with funding of two candidates in the amount of $450,000 over three years
  • Creation of a therapeutic medication withdrawal times online database for veterinarians and horsemen
  • Creation of a public recent rulings online database for drug and medication-related rulings with violation descriptions

History: Founded in 2001 by representatives of a broad spectrum of racing-related groups who participated in a facilitated closed-door meeting at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Racehorse Medication Summit – an industry effort to determine potential consensus points on the most basic elements of a uniform national medication policy for racehorses.

Organization: The RMTC is incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization with both scientific and educational purposes. It is governed by a board of directors consisting of 23 industry stakeholder groups:

  • American Association of Equine Practitioners
  • American Quarter Horse Association
  • Arabian Jockey Club
  • Breeders’ Cup Ltd.
  • California Thoroughbred Trainers