“The Equine Injury Database statistics released today, which revealed a 14% decrease in equine fatalities for 2015, was encouraging news. We applaud the work of the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance, which was formed in 2008 and, with the cooperation of the accredited racetracks, has made great strides in protecting our horses and riders.

“We also commend the many racing jurisdictions that have wrought historic change in our industry over the last two years by embracing the National Uniform Medication Program. Through the unprecedented cooperation of the racing commissioners, the tracks and the veterinarians, and spearheaded by the horsemen, this program has had an undeniably significant and immediate impact on the safety of our sport.

“Our work is just beginning. We must collectively do all we can to get every jurisdiction in the country, large and small, fully compliant with the National Uniform Medication Program, and we will continue to find and fund initiatives that will strengthen our efforts to promote equine welfare.”