TC02 trainer outed for 15 months: 9/24/15

By Paul Courts

HARNESS Racing New South Wales today conducted an inquiry into a report received from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory that plasma Total Carbon Dioxide (TCO2) above the prescribed threshold was detected in a pre-race blood sample taken from Precious M prior to race 6, conducted at Dubbo on Sunday, 13 September 2015.

Reynolds appeared at the inquiry. Evidence including the Reports of Analysis was presented to the Inquiry.

Evidence was also taken from Reynolds regarding the training of Precious M, his husbandry practices and circumstances preceding the race.

Evidence was also presented to the Inquiry by veterinarian Don Crosby on behalf of Reynolds and the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory Science Manager, Adam Cawley.

Reynolds was issued with a charge pursuant to Rule 190 (1), (2) & (4) for presenting Precious M to race not free of a prohibited substance. He pleaded not guilty to the charge. The Stewards found the charge laid against Reynolds to be proven.

In determining the charge against Reynolds, stewards relied upon Australian Harness Racing Rules 191 (1) & (3) as the second certificate from Racing Analytical Services LTD reported a plasma Total Carbon Dioxide (TCO2) level of 36.6 mmol/L.

Reynolds was disqualified for a period of 15 months to commence from 18 September 2015 the date upon which he was stood down.

In considering penalty Stewards were mindful of the following;
•This was Reynolds first offence for a Prohibited Substance;
•Class 2 Prohibited Substance;
•Reynold’s licence history and other personal subjective facts;
•The fact that this charge was based upon prima facie evidence in relation to the first certificate issued by the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory.
•Acting under the provisions of Rule 195, Precious M was disqualified from the abovementioned race.