December 18, 2014

Contact: Hallie Roach Lewis (859) 224-2848


The executive committee of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) met on Wednesday, December 17, to consider a recent letter from the Racing Commissioners International (RCI) inviting the RMTC to merge with RCI’s Drug Testing Standards and Practices Committee.

The RMTC Executive Committee members reaffirmed the decision of its board on October 13, 2014, to conduct strategic planning on future research needs and to re-organize the RMTC Scientific Advisory Committee and its processes to adapt and respond to new drugs, practices and substances which threaten the integrity of racing. Further, the executive committee affirmed the importance of maintaining an independent and apolitical RMTC for equine drug and therapeutic medication research. The RMTC’s efforts have led to significant changes that have improved U.S. drug testing capabilities and medication regulation from its current independent position.

The RMTC continues to welcome scientific input and review from the RCI and others during the scientific advisory process to further the RMTC’s mission of ensuring the fairness and integrity of racing and the health and welfare of racehorses and participants, and to protect the interests of the racing public.

“With 23 member organizations representing virtually every segment of the industry, and the financial support of many industry stakeholders, the RMTC is one of the horse racing industry’s true success stories,” said RMTC chairman Alex Waldrop. “The organization has accomplished much in its 15-year history including most recently playing a leadership role in the widespread adoption of uniform national regulations relating to therapeutic medication guidelines, penalties and laboratory accreditation standards. We will continue to engage with all state regulators, as well as the RCI, to further these and other critical industry goals.”

The RMTC consists of 23 racing industry stakeholders and organizations that represent Thoroughbred, Standardbred, American Quarter Horse and Arabian racing. The organization works to develop and promote uniform rules, policies and testing standards at the national level; coordinate research and educational programs that seek to ensure the integrity of racing and the health and welfare of racehorses and participants; and protect the interests of the racing public.

For additional information, visit the RMTC website at or contact Hallie Lewis, RMTC director of communications, at (859) 224-2848.