By: Tim Lambert and Radio Pennsylvania

(Harrisburg) — Legislation reforming Pennsylvania’s $1.6 billion horse racing industry recently passed the state Senate.

Now, the measure’s sponsor is calling for similar action in the House.

“Senate bill 352 makes important reforms that have been left unattended for over 30 years,” says Republican Senator Elder Vogel of Beaver County, the measure’s prime sponsor.

The bill would dissolve the separate state commissions under the Department of Agriculture for thoroughbred and harness racing in favor of a single oversight commission.

It also reforms the funding formula to ensure proper regulatory oversight and drug testing.

“This legislation gives those involved in the sport of racing input into the process, at the same time ensures adequate funding and regulatory oversite,” Vogel says.

The bill, which also passed the Senate in the previous legislative session, is currently before the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.