Leading Victorian trainer disqualified: Harnessnews.com.au 10/1/15

By: Trent Steele

VICTORIAN horsewoman Jodi Quinlan has been disqualified by Harness Racing New South Wales.

The governing body concluded its inquiry yesterday into the report received from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory that Chlorpheniramine and Desmethyl Chlorpheniramine were detected in the urine sample taken from Illawong Armstrong following his appearance in the New South Wales Trotters’ Derby last May.

Illawong Armstrong finished second behind Fiery Mountain Girl in the Group One.

Quinlan appeared at the inquiry, and on submission, stewards permitted representation by her solicitor Mr Hammond, who provided evidence from veterinarian, Dr Andrew Clarke, on Quinlan’s behalf.

Evidence, including the Reports of Analysis and expert evidence from HRNSW Regulatory Veterinarian Dr Don Colantonio, were presented.

Evidence was also taken from Quinlan regarding Illawong Armstrong’s training, her husbandry practices and circumstances leading up to the race.

Quinlan pleaded guilty to a charge pursuant to Rule 190 (1), (2) & (4) for presenting Illawong Armstrong to race not free of a prohibited substance.

In considering penalty stewards were mindful of the following; this was Quinlan’s first offence for a Prohibited Substance; Quinlan’s guilty plea; Class 3 Prohibited Substance; Quinlan’s unblemished disciplinary record in 25 years as a licensed person and other personal subjective facts, including ambassadorial roles.

With those factors taking into account, Quinlan was disqualified for three months to commence immediately.

Acting under the provisions of Rule 195, Illawong Armstrong was disqualified from the abovementioned race.