Horseracing: RTC to Initiate Drug Testing for Racehorses:Times Online 3/17/16

By: Times Online

The newly formed Royal Turf Club (RTC), committed to ensuring horseracing, is planning to conduct drug tests on horses prior to its inaugural races on Sunday (20) according to an official.

“The Royal Turf Club is passionate about and dedicated to ensuring and upholding ethics through maintaining a zero tolerance policy towards drug and animal abuse. For the first time in Sri Lanka racehorses will be given drug tests prior to racing,” issuing a statement, the RTC said.

“In the past in Sri Lankan racing there may have been a dark side in which cruelty and abuse through doping destroyed the lives of these beautiful animals. As passionate equestrians with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of racing The Royal Turf Club, headed by renowned CEO Wayne Wood and its dedicated committee of consummate professionals, was formed to ensure that such cruel and inhuman treatment of horses is brought to a complete halt. The Royal Turf Club races with the horse’s welfare in mind,” it added.

The RTC is looking at adhering strictly on to the rules pertaining to the welfare of horses, ill treatment and anti – doping under the Rules of Racing which they consider as high priority.

“The thoroughbred horses are in clean, well ventilated stables and are exercised in the morning and walked in the afternoon. They are well fed and watered as any athlete should be. Trained stable hands attend to the care of these most precious animals. Surprise inspections are also carried out by Stipendiary Stewards to ensure that they are being well cared for.”

The Royal Turf Club will also set up a modern specialist equine hospital that will provide veterinary services to horses.