Hastings Trainer Brown Appeals Medication Violation: Daily Racing Form 9/29/16

By: Randy Goulding

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Trainer James Brown has appealed the 45-day suspension and $2,500 fine he was given by the Hastings stewards for one of his horses testing positive for the banned substance methamphetamine.

The ruling, issued on Sept. 23, dates back to when the Brown-trained Crazy Prophet tested positive after finishing second in the $50,000 Jim Coleman Province on May 8. The purse will also be redistributed.

In the ruling, the stewards cited the extremely low level of medication detected, but because it was a Class 1 violation they were required to sanction him.

The ruling states, “It is clear that the amounts of “METHAMEPHETAMINE” detected are nothing more than trace level identifications of no pharmacological significance with respect to any possible performance or other effects on the animal.”

The ruling went on to say, “The minuscule trace level would have resulted in contamination from unknown or unidentified sources.”

Lawyer/trainer Dave Milburn is representing Brown in the matter.

“We are asking for reconsideration of the finding and penalty because the contamination was caused due to environmental factors beyond Mr. Brown’s control,” said Milburn. “He is innocent and he shouldn’t have to suffer any consequences.”