Arsenic Inquiry Finalised: Harness Link 1/17/16

By: Barbara Scott

Harness Racing South Australia Stewards finalised an inquiry into a report received from Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL) that a post race urine sample taken from SILVER RANGER after Race 4, the Hygain Horse Products Claiming Pace at Globe Derby on 23 November 2015, upon analysis contained arsenic greater than the 0.30 micrograms per millilitre threshold.

The ‘B’ sample was sent to the Racing Science Centre in Queensland which confirmed the presence of arsenic above the threshold.

Evidence was taken from trainer Andrew Kearney regarding his feeding regime and husbandry practices.

Mr. Kearney pleaded guilty to a charge under Rule 190(1), (2) & (4) that as the licenced trainer of SILVER RANGER he did present that horse to race at Globe Derby on 23 November 2015 when not free of a prohibited substance.

In determining penalty stewards took into account the nature of the substance, his guilty plea, his 11 year history as a trainer and his record which contained two previous offences for prohibited substances.

Mr. Kearney had his trainer licence suspended for 9 months backdated to 6 January 2016, the date he was stood down.

Under Rule 195, SILVER RANGER was disqualified from its first placing and all placings amended accordingly.