Albury Vet Dr Bob Fielding to Face Three Charges as Part of Racing Victoria Stewards Investigation: The Border Mail 6/11/16

By: David Johnston

ALBURY veterinary surgeon Bob Fielding has been caught up in the Racing Victoria stewards probe of Wodonga trainer Brian Cox.

The vet has been hit with three charges following the investigation which detected a prohibited substance at Mr Cox’s stables in Wodonga in early March.

Stewards allege Dr Fielding sold Mr Cox 1kg of Nitrotain, which contains the prohibited substance Ethylestrenol.

The alleged sale was recorded in Dr Fielding’s “day diary”, but he issued an invoice to Cox Racing listing “Pentosan 50ml & 6ml x 2″‘ as the product of purchase when it was “Nitrotain 1kg”.

Dr Fielding is also alleged to have given false evidence when questioned by stewards in relation to the matter on April 29.

The stewards issued the charges late on Thursday.

The Border Mail attempted to contact Dr Fielding for comment, but was unsuccessful.

He is engaged by Mr Cox to treat his horses.

Stewards also allege Dr Fielding gave false evidence in an interview with stewards regarding the veterinary advice he gave Mr Cox last December regarding the horse Cochranes Gap.

Last month, Mr Cox was hit with 13 charges from stewards in relation to the stable inspection.

He is facing a minimum mandatory disqualification period of three years if found guilty on any of the charges relating to the administration of the steroid.

Mr Cox is also facing charges of allegedly manhandling steward Dion Villella in an attempt to remove the prohibited substance from him.

The leading Wodonga trainer has also been charged with pushing another steward, Rhys Melville, during the visit.

Stewards allege Mr Cox was given veterinary advice on December 8 last year to rest and confine the horse Cochranes Gap for a period of two to three months to overcome a serious leg wound.

The horse was presented for a jump out at Wangaratta the next day.

Mr Cox has been ordered to front the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board, but no date for the hearing has been set.

Dr Fielding has also been ordered to appear before the RAD board at a future date.

Mr Cox has been able to continue to train during the stewards investigation and had runners at Swan Hill on Friday. Dr Fielding is the regularly appointed vet at Border meets.