Regulators Want Central Rule-Making Process: The Blood-Horse 12/15/15

By: Tom LaMarra Development of a central rule-making process for uniform medication policies and related implementation will be the 2016 focus for the Association of Racing Commissioners International. The organization's board of directors at a recent meeting voted to act on "unifying the racing industry" on integrity initiatives as well as adoption of the National

RMTC: Uniform Drug Program Has Momentum: The Blood-Horse 7/7/15

RMTC By Tom LaMarra An effort that began in the Mid-Atlantic region more than two years ago has made "significant progress," according to the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium. Adoption of the National Uniform Medication Program hasn't been without its twists and turns, but given the fractured nature of the Thoroughbred industry and the need

MRC Puts NUMP’s Multiple Medication Violation Penalty…: Thoroughbred Daily News 2/7/15

By Mike Kane Trainers Scott Lake and Hector Garcia unwittingly became part of racing regulatory history in late January when they were the first horsemen to receive additional suspensions from the Maryland Racing Commission, which was using the guidelines of the Multiple Medication Violation Penalty System that is part of the National Uniform Medication Program