Oxycodone Positives Dropped in PA; Court Upholds Cobalt Positives in Maine: Harnes Racing Update.Com 3/31/17

By: Dave Briggs Fines and suspensions for Oxycodone positives in Pennsylvania for trainers Rene Allard, Kevin Lare and Brad Irvine have been rescinded by the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission (PHRC) due to “mitigating circumstances.” In other relatively recent developments, controversial trainer Lou Pena has received a conditional three-year license in Pennsylvania and major Cobalt positives

Yonkers Refusing Entries from Tom Milici: HarnessRacingUpdate.Com 1/6/17

By: Mike Lizzi The track’s second leading trainer in 2016 is not welcome to race at the New York track while being investigated for an alleged association with banned trainers Josh Marks and Tracy Brainard. Tom Milici, the second-leading trainer at Yonkers Raceway with 221 victories in 2016, is no longer allowed to enter horses