Enhanced Security For International Trot: Standardbred Canada 10/7/16

By: Standardbredcanada.ca On Friday, October 7, the New York State Gaming Commission announced enhanced security protocols for all horses participating in the $1 million International Trot at Yonkers Raceway on October 15. This is the first time that such additional safeguards to protect the integrity of the sport and ensure the welfare of horses have

NYRA Advancing Idea of In-State ‘Super Lab’: TDN 8/10/16

By: T. D. Thornton When the New York Racing Association (NYRA) Reorganization Board of Directors last met on May 25, there was a hint of optimism that by the time the next meeting rolled around, board members might be discussing transition strategies for a return to some hybrid form of public/private governance. No such transition

New Rule Changes in New York State: HarnessLink.Com 8/10/16

By: NZST Adoption of Rulemaking for use of Hopples in Harness Racing. On July 25, 2016, the New York State Gaming Commission adopted amendments to our current rules on the use of hopples in harness racing at 9 NYCRR §§ 4113.5(a)(2) and 4117.3. The full text of the proposed rules can be found in the

NY Alters Rules on Claims, Some Medications: Blood-Horse 7/25/16

By: Tom Precious Claims can be voided for additional race-day blood and urine positives for banned substances under a new rule approved July 25 by New York racing regulators. The New York State Gaming Commission signed off on a revision to its claiming cancellation rule allowing a claimant to void a claim if any sample

Trainer Suspended Five Years in New York: The Blood-Horse 4/25/16

By: Tom Precious Racing regulators in New York have slapped a five-year ban on trainer Jerome Palumbo in a case state officials began investigating more than four years ago. The New York State Gaming Commission, which met April 25, said Palumbo trained horses without a state license for a 15-month period dating back to 2009.

NYSGC Bans Six Harness Trainers for Cobalt Overages, Continues Investigation into Equine Drug Abuse in Standardbred Racing: NY Gaming Commission 4/6/16

By: NYSGC The New York State Gaming Commission today took unprecedented action against six Standardbred trainers who administered potentially dangerous and performance-enhancing doses of cobalt to race horses in violation of Commission racing rules. Harness trainers Tyler J. Nostadt, Joseph Carrubba, Dennis M. Washington, Sean M. Campbell, Megan M. Gilmour and Dawn M. DeVaux have

New York Proposal Would Add Oversight of Vets: The Blood-Horse 3/25/16

By: Frank Angst The New York State Gaming Commission has put together a proposed rule it hopes would add scrutiny to the practices of racetrack veterinarians. The proposal would require vets to limit drug administrations to treatment of ailments and preventative medical procedures. The rule was outlined March 24 by NYSGC equine medical director Dr.

NY Strengthens Multiple Violator Penalties: The Blood-Horse 1/26/16

By: Tom Precious New York regulators have given final approval to several equine drug rules, including a new system of minimum penalties for repeat drug violators. The decisions by the New York State Gaming Commission came as the agency Jan. 26 signaled its willingness to listen to suggestions as state officials are committed to other