Regulators Want Central Rule-Making Process: The Blood-Horse 12/15/15

By: Tom LaMarra Development of a central rule-making process for uniform medication policies and related implementation will be the 2016 focus for the Association of Racing Commissioners International. The organization's board of directors at a recent meeting voted to act on "unifying the racing industry" on integrity initiatives as well as adoption of the National

New Synthetic Opioid Designer Drug Found by New York Lab: ARCI 11/9/15

Press Release LEXINGTON, KY - The Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) has put all racing regulatory agencies worldwide on notice of a finding by the New York Equine Drug Testing Program of the presence of AH-7921 in post-race samples taken from horses that recently ran at Belmont Park. This is the first time AH-7921

ARCI Announces Members of Compliance Group: The Blood-Horse 9/29/15

By Blood-Horse Staff The Association of Racing Commissioners International Sept. 29 announced members of a committee that will work with regulators in each racing state to complete implementation of reforms that make up the National Uniform Medication Program. The 12 members of the ARCI Compliance Committee were invited by ARCI chairman Mark Lamberth, who has

Regulators Step Up Push for Drug Uniformity: The Blood-Horse 9/16/15

By Tom LaMarra The Association of Racing Commissioners International is stepping up efforts to get state regulators to fully adopt the National Uniform Medication Program. ARCI chairman Mark Lamberth of the Arkansas State Racing Commission said Sept. 16 he is the process of forming a committee that will address implementation of equine medication reforms. ARCI

Attorneys: Horse Racing Drug Prosecutions on Solid Ground: The Horse 8/17/15

By Edited Press Release Horse racing’s anti-doping rules will continue to withstand legal challenge, according to conclusions reached at a meeting of regulatory attorneys convened by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI). “A widely reported decision in Delaware not to pursue a prosecution in a singular case had mitigating factors that were unique,” said

Arkansas Racing Commission Adopts National Uniform Medication Program 9/12/2014

NEWS RELEASE September 12, 2014 Contact: Hallie Roach Lewis (859) 224-2848 ARKANSAS RACING COMMISSION ADOPTS NATIONAL UNIFORM MEDICATION PROGRAM The Arkansas Racing Commission yesterday became the most recent commission to adopt the Controlled Therapeutic List and the Multiple Medication Violation portions of the National Uniform Medication Program recommended by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium