RCI group expects to approve cobalt-threshold rule: Daily Racing Form 3/19/15

RMTC By Matt Hegarty An organization that recommends national policies on racing regulations expects to approve a rule establishing a threshold for the naturally occurring mineral cobalt at its next meeting in April, the executive director of the organization said on Thursday. The Drug Testing Standards and Practices Committee of the Association of Racing Commissioners

RMTC Executive Committee Responds to Proposal, Stresses Importance of Independence 12/18/2014

NEWS RELEASE December 18, 2014 Contact: Hallie Roach Lewis (859) 224-2848 RMTC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE RESPONDS TO PROPOSAL, STRESSES IMPORTANCE OF INDEPENDENCE The executive committee of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) met on Wednesday, December 17, to consider a recent letter from the Racing Commissioners International (RCI) inviting the RMTC to merge with RCI’s