Press Release:

In an ongoing effort to provide best practices for the regulation of racing and wagering, The Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) reviews and updates its Model Rules of Racing (v8.4) as well as the Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances And Recommended Penalties Model Rule (v13.4.1).

Reliance on these documents to form the foundation of the regulatory scheme is universal, although some relatively minor differences exist due to jurisdictional limitations or needs.. The ARCI standards are recommended as “best practices” and we encourage their universal adoption while realizing that alternative approaches may exist to achieve the same ends.

The updates contained in the new versions are:

A modification of the horse identification requirements for flat racing contained in ARCI-006-020 (B)(5) and ARCI-010-030 (2) to deal with digital tattoos and electronic foal certificates; A clarification of the concussion protocols contained in ARCI-007-020 (A)(10); Addition of a footnote in the Uniform Cassification Guideline document to clarify that the classification/penalty recommendations for Altrenogest apply for geldings, colts, adult intact males only.