NY Adopts Broader Drug Prohibition Rules for Racing: The Bloodhorse 7/17/18

By: Tom Precious State regulators in New York State have adopted a new equine drug rule that tracks a national model plan advanced in late 2016 by the Association of Racing Commissioners International and a number of key industry stakeholders. The New York Gaming Commission, after receiving no correspondence in either support or opposition during

RCI Looks at Added Out-of-Competition Testing: Blood-Horse 3/23/16

By: Frank Angst Racing Medication and Testing Consortium executive director Dionne Benson said as regulators look at new, enhanced recommendations on out-of-competition testing, they're going to find policies that will work for the industry. Participating on an equine welfare and veterinary panel March 23 at the RCI conference in New Orleans, Benson is encouraged that

RCI Has New Take on Out-of-Competition Tests: The Blood-Horse 2/6/15

By Tom LaMarra The umbrella group for regulators in North America is examining a new approach to out-of-competition testing that would not only target blood-doping and gene-doping, but also help identify horses at risk of catastrophic injury. Out-of-competition testing, on the books in eight states, has different rules depending on the jurisdiction but was enacted

The Equine Biological Passport: Has Its Time Come?: Thoroughbred Daily News 1/23/15

by T.D. Thornton The concept of an equine biological passport (EBP) is not new. But the tone and urgency of its discussion among veterinary and regulatory authorities changed this week in the wake of the cobalt scandal in Australia, where news reports characterized Racing New South Wales officials as "scrambling" to introduce EBPs as a

Passports A Priority For Racing NSW: Thoroughbred Daily News 1/21/15

By: TDN Staff Racing New South Wales, the governing body for racing in that Australian state, has revealed that it is working on the development of an equine biological passport that would monitor physiological changes in a horse throughout its racing career, according to Racing and Sports. The passport would be similar to that being

National Medication Reforms Make Significant Progress in 2014 12/9/2014

NEWS RELEASE December 9, 2014 Contact: Hallie Roach Lewis (859) 224-2848 NATIONAL MEDICATION REFORMS MAKE SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS IN 2014 The horse racing industry made significant progress toward the uniform adoption of national medication reforms in 2014, as regulators in multiple jurisdictions adopted model rules developed by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) and the

Three More Laboratories Receive RMTC Accreditation: 23 States Now Using RMTC-Accredited…4/30/2014

NEWS RELEASE April 30, 2014 Contact: Hallie Roach Lewis (859) 224-2848 THREE MORE LABORATORIES RECEIVE RMTC ACCREDITATION: 23 STATES NOW USING RMTC-ACCREDITED LABORATORIES The Horseracing Testing Laboratory Committee of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) has approved full accreditation of three laboratories under the RMTC Laboratory Accreditation Program. The newly accredited laboratories are: •