Kentucky Rescinds Dextrophan Positives: Blood-Horse 2/21/17

By: Frank Angst Citing new research that suggests the metabolite of Dextromethorphan, Dextrorphan, can stay in a horse's system at a wider variance of time than previously realized, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission earlier this year dropped sanctions in three cases where the metabolite was discovered. KHRC equine medical director Mary Scollay offered a presentation

Kentucky Likely to Put Labs to the Test: Blood-Horse 10/29/16

By: Frank Angst The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission will likely run double-blind quality assurance testing on its lab after the state’s Equine Drug Research Council approved plans Oct. 28 to carry out such tests. The EDRC approved up to $16,000 from its Rapid Response fund to work with three lab horses at Kentucky Equine Research

Studies on Lasix Administration Progressing:Blood-Horse 3/23/16

By: Frank Angst In a presentation at the Association of Racing Commissioners International conference March 23 in New Orleans, Jockey Club executive director Matt Iuliano highlighted studies examining the efficacy of administering furosemide at least 24 hours before a race. RCI president Ed Martin noted that some conference presentations will allow member commissioners to see

Inflammatory Biomarkers: A Horse’s Early Warning System?: Paulick Report 3/17/16

By: Natalie Voss Veterinarians have long been searching for some sort of advance warning that a horse may be on the brink of suffering a serious bone or soft tissue injury. Recent research into biomarkers may provide practitioners with more tools to anticipate problems or a better understanding of a horse's discomfort after it has

CHRB Sees Decrease in Drug Violations: The Blood-Horse 7/9/15

RMTC By: Blood-Horse Staff According to the California Horse Racing Board, there were only four Class 1, 2, or 3 medication violations in the state during the 2014-2015 fiscal year—the lowest number in at least 40 years. The Maddy Laboratory at the University of California-Davis confirmed four positives for the drugs from 11,900 samples tested

Racing Commission OKs more laboratories: Albuquerque Journal 4/13/15

RMTC By Charles D. Brunt / Journal Staff Writer Horse trainers charged with doping their horses will have a wider choice of laboratories they can use to challenge regulators’ findings, the New Mexico Racing Commission has decided. Prior to Thursday’s action, trainers were limited to using only three commission-approved testing labs to challenge track stewards’