Oxycodone Positives Dropped in PA; Court Upholds Cobalt Positives in Maine: Harnes Racing Update.Com 3/31/17

By: Dave Briggs Fines and suspensions for Oxycodone positives in Pennsylvania for trainers Rene Allard, Kevin Lare and Brad Irvine have been rescinded by the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission (PHRC) due to “mitigating circumstances.” In other relatively recent developments, controversial trainer Lou Pena has received a conditional three-year license in Pennsylvania and major Cobalt positives

Seven Maine Harness Racing Trainers Suspended, Fined: Portland Press Herald 6/3/16

By: Dierdre Fleming The Maine State Harness Racing Commission suspended and fined seven licensed harness racing trainers for giving excessive levels of cobalt to horses. Cobalt, which can serve as a performance-enhancing drug in horses, was banned by the Association of Racing Commissioners International two years ago. The use of cobalt is a violation of