Off-Label Bisphosphonate Use in Racehorses: The Horse 3/21/19

By: Erica Larson In 2014 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved two bisphosphonate drugs—clodronate and tiludronate—for controlling clinical signs associated with podotrochlosis (more commonly known as navicular syndrome) in horses ages 4 and older. Since then, some veterinarians have started using these products off-label to treat other equine bone issues, such as bucked shins

Bisphosphonates: A dense issue in equine veterinary care: DVM360 2/26/19

By: Ed Kane Bone is a dynamic organ—always changing, constantly being reshaped, old cells removed and replaced with new. Bone responds to stress by removing damaged or injured bone and laying down new bone—an ongoing process. Bone is constantly remodeled to meet the needs of stress and loading. The response of bone to strain is

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