Bisphosphonates: A dense issue in equine veterinary care: DVM360 2/26/19

By: Ed Kane Bone is a dynamic organ—always changing, constantly being reshaped, old cells removed and replaced with new. Bone responds to stress by removing damaged or injured bone and laying down new bone—an ongoing process. Bone is constantly remodeled to meet the needs of stress and loading. The response of bone to strain is

ARCI Convention: Panel Raises Bisphosphonate Concerns: The Bloodhorse 4/4/18

By: Frank Angst Veterinarian Jeff Blea, chairman of the racing committee of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, relayed a story from a couple years ago when he asked a room of about 200 equine vets if any of them had administered bisphosphonates? Four or five raised their hands, but ... "Afterward, about 25 or 30 of