Conference Hears Of First Gene Doping Test: TDN 5/16/18

By: Chris McGrath Seoul, SOUTH KOREA–The physical well being of the horse, and the integrity of the horseman, dominated the agenda on the second day of the 37th Asian Racing Conference in Seoul on Wednesday. The spectre of gene doping-which has been viewed as “the elephant in the room” by some veterinary and bloodstock professionals-was

RCI Has New Take on Out-of-Competition Tests: The Blood-Horse 2/6/15

By Tom LaMarra The umbrella group for regulators in North America is examining a new approach to out-of-competition testing that would not only target blood-doping and gene-doping, but also help identify horses at risk of catastrophic injury. Out-of-competition testing, on the books in eight states, has different rules depending on the jurisdiction but was enacted