New EC Equine Medication Control Rules For 2019: Horse Canada 4/15/19

By: Equestrian Canada In keeping with its mission to deliver safe, fair and clean sport, Equestrian Canada (EC) reviews and updates its Equine Medication Control Program on an annual basis. The Equine Medication Control rules can be found in Chapter 10 (pages 41 to 50) of the EC General Regulations, Section A. Additional information and guidelines

Dressage riders fined following supplement contamination: Horsetalk 12/26/18

Press Release: Contamination of a commercially available supplement with the banned substance ractopamine was behind two failed drug tests in high-level dressage horses who competed in Wellington, Florida, last year. The two cases have been dealt with by the FEI Tribunal, which found No Significant Fault or Negligence applied in either case. However, the tribunal