As Discussion Turns to Bisphosphonates, Viola Commits $500K to Research: TDN 3/21/19

By: Dan Ross The fallout from events still unfolding at Santa Anita have re-sparked the fires simmering under a number of horse welfare issues. Few, however, have galvanized such a swift phalanx of action as that of bisphosphonates–drugs used in humans to tackle degenerative bones diseases like osteoporosis. Their use in racehorses, however, has proven

Misconceptions around horse supplements identified by researchers: Horsetalk 01/31/18

Press Release: More owners surveyed in an Irish study sought advice from their feed merchant on choosing supplements for their horses than their veterinarian. More than 53% of respondents sought supplement advice from their feed supplier, followed by their veterinarian (46%). This was despite the fact that, in terms of influencing factors when choosing a

Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss Criminal Charges In Dermorphin Case: Paulick Report 7/19/17

By: Natalie Voss U.S. District Court Judge Donald Walter denied a motion earlier this month to dismiss federal charges against Louisiana veterinarian Dr. Kyle J. Hebert and Essential Pharmacy Compounding. Hebert is accused of providing trainers with injectable vials of dermorphin, a synthetic opioid said to be 30 times more powerful than morphine and which