Horsemen Contribute $170,000 to Improve Equine Drug Testing: THA 4/9/19

Press Release: The Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, led by a $25,000 donation from the New York THA, will contribute a total of $50,000 to fund research to develop an inexpensive test for the detection of potential blood-doping agents such as erythropoietin. The two-year study, an initiative of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium, will be conducted

KHRC Approves Study to Develop EPO Micro-Dosing Test: Bloodhorse 2/20/19

By: Frank Angst The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has approved $147,000 from the Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council fund for a two-year study that aims to develop an affordable test to detect horses that have been given small levels—microdoses—of erythropoietin. Heather Knych, of the Ken L. Maddy Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory at the University of

News Releases: The Jockey Club 9/8/16

By:; Bob Curran Jr. Statement from James L. Gagliano, president and chief operating officer of The Jockey Club After a decade of discussion, and two full years of study, an enhanced model rule for out-of-competition testing that includes a progressive list of prohibited substances was finally proposed by the Racing Medication & Testing Consortium

Maryland Racing Commission adopts cobalt regulation: The Racing Biz 5/19/15

RMTC By Frank Vespe A year ago at it post-Preakness meeting, the Maryland Racing Commission voted to begin testing cobalt levels in horses in an effort to establish threshold levels and determine whether it needed to regulate the substance. Today, a year later, the Commission voted to do just that. By a unanimous vote, the

California Moves Against Cobalt Use In Racehorses: 4/19/15

RMTC By: Neil Clarkson Racing authorities in California are imposing a threshold on cobalt in horses competing in the state. Racing jurisdictions around the world are moving against the use of the trace element, which has been shown to have performance-enhancing properties. Cobalt has a similar effect to erythropoietin (EPO) in stimulating production of red

RCI group expects to approve cobalt-threshold rule: Daily Racing Form 3/19/15

RMTC By Matt Hegarty An organization that recommends national policies on racing regulations expects to approve a rule establishing a threshold for the naturally occurring mineral cobalt at its next meeting in April, the executive director of the organization said on Thursday. The Drug Testing Standards and Practices Committee of the Association of Racing Commissioners

Cobalt Use in Racehorses: The Horse 3/10/15

RMTC By Erica Larson This past year, horse racing regulators worldwide have turned their attention to a seemingly innocuous substance: cobalt. Every horse needs this important element to survive, but some horsemen believe that supplementing the substance will help their horses gain a competitive advantage on the race track. At the 2015 University of Kentucky