Disqualified for 16 years for Peptide VNFYAWK: Harness Link 3/1/17

By: HarnessLink.Com Harness Racing New South Wales(HRNSW) Stewards commenced an Inquiry on 5 October 2017 into the results of the following out-of-competition blood samples taken from horses in the care of trainer Mr Shaun (Anthony) Simiana: FRANCO TIAGO NZ                          Sample collected on 17 April 2016 WALKABOUT CREEK                        Sample collected on 17 April 2016 FRANCO TIAGO

IND Standardbred Trainer Suspended 10 Years: The Blood-Horse 7/15/15

By Blood-Horse Staff Standardbred trainer Bradley Moffitt has been suspended for 10 years for a positive test for darbepoetin alfa, a drug commonly known as DPO. DPO, an RCI Class 1 drug, is considered a performance enhancer when administered to racehorses. This positive marks the first time a synthetic blood doping agent has been found