New Mexico Regulator Moves Toward Ban of Albuterol: BloodHorse 1/28/19

BloodHorse Staff: Believing improper use of albuterol has gone up since clenbuterol was banned from racing in the state, the New Mexico Racing Commission is moving toward a ban of albuterol. The NMRC Rules and Medication Committee voted Jan. 16 to make albuterol a "zero tolerance" drug in the state, in both Quarter Horse and

ARCI Publishes New Regulatory Standards: Bloodhorse 1/23/19

ARCI Press Release: New racing regulatory standards have just been published by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) as part of a continuing process to adapt standards to current integrity threats as well as new technologies and innovation. The standards are embodied in the almost 500 pages of the ARCI's Model Rules of Racing

Raceday Clenbuterol Ban in California to Begin Nov. 15: TDN 10/25/18

By: T.D. Thornton Thoroughbreds racing in California will no longer be allowed to race with any detectable level of the bronchodilator medication clenbuterol in their systems, effective Nov. 15. The change is a result of evidence the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) has collected via out-of-competition testing (OOC), and the measure was passed unanimously Thursday

New Mexico taking tougher stance on clenbuterol: Daily Racing Form 6/28/18

By: Mary Rampellini The New Mexico Racing Commission announced late Thursday the bronchodilator clenbuterol will now be classified as a Class 3 controlled substance in the state in a move that enables criminal prosecution of horsemen found to be illegally in possession of the drug. The agency worked with the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy

New AQHA Policy Concerning Racing Medication Positives: AQHA 4/7/18

Press Release: The AQHA Animal Welfare Commission, a group of 23 industry professionals, met at the 2018 AQHA Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, and approved a policy change concerning awards and publicity of horses and/or trainers with racing medication positives. In doing so, commission members felt it is important for AQHA’s actions through awards and publicity

Four Quarter Horses Fail New Hair Testing in New Mexico: The Bloodhorse 08/07/17

Press Release: Of the first six Quarter Horses subjected to out-of-competition testing using horse hair analysis in New Mexico, four tested positive for Clenbuterol. The New Mexico Racing Commission put a new rule in place July 1 allowing for the testing of horse hair and state investigator Leasa Johnson and contract veterinarian Alan Chastain began collecting

ARCI Model Regulatory Standards Updated: The Horse.Com 6/14/17

By: Edited Press Release The newest version of model rules approved by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) is now available at The ARCI’s model rules are designed to provide the template for racing regulatory entities and the framework under which the sport has made significant gains toward uniform regulations among jurisdictions. The

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