By: T.D. Thornton

Commission-conducted equine drug testing in Indiana will no longer be limited to blood or urine samples as of July 1 if a bill currently working its way through the state legislature becomes law.

According to the text of HB 1196, the Indiana Horse Racing Commission (IHRC) will be authorized to access “biological samples” that will now include “any fluid, tissue, or other substance obtained from a horse through an internal or external means to test for foreign substances, natural substances at abnormal levels, and prohibited medications. The term includes blood, urine, saliva, hair, muscle tissue collected at necropsy, semen, and other substances appropriate for testing as determined by the commission.”

The bill contains several other commission-level changes, including a mandate that the IHRC adopt rules that better protect the confidentiality of personal information on license applications, such as an applicant’s such as date of birth and home address.

The bill passed a third reading in the House of Representatives Feb. 5 by a 94-0 margin and has been referred to the Senate.