Can Sport Horse and Racehorse Practice Be Ethical?: The Horse 3/2/17

By: Maureen Gallatin Nearly 400 veterinarians considered this question during a 3 1/2-hour panel discussion, reaching a consensus of, “Absolutely, yes. Practice can and should be ethical, even in the sport horse or racehorse world.” But it’s not always easy. The pressures applied by trainers or owners can be substantial. Earlier in the day, at

Oklahoma Medication Issues Discussed in Historic Meeting: AQHA 2/2/17

By: Oklahoma QHRA The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association hosted a meeting on Friday at Heritage Place in Oklahoma City to provide industry stakeholders an opportunity to visit with a number of racing industry experts on topics such as drug testing methodology, hair testing, out of competition or pre-race testing, uniform model rules with breed specific

Uniformity Meeting: AQHA.Com 12/12/16

By: AQHA In conjunction with the recent University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program's Global Racing and Gaming Symposium in Tucson, Arizona, the American Quarter Horse Association hosted a meeting with racing jurisdictions. The meeting was called in a quest for uniformity in rules across jurisdictions. There were 31 people in attendance, representing organizations including AQHA,

Animal Welfare: A Continuing Effort: AQHA 5/12/16

By:  The American Quarter Horse Association The AQHA Executive Committee approved recommendations from the AQHA Animal Welfare Commission to continue to make strides for the benefit of American Quarter Horses.   The health and well-being of the American Quarter Horse is the American Quarter Horse Association’s utmost concern. In accordance with AQHA’s mission statement, the

Challenge Hair Testing Requirements: AQHA.Com 3/29/16

By: AQHA The Bank of America Racing Challenge Championships are set to take place at Los Alamitos Race Course in California on October 29. The conditions for the Challenge were issued on October 15, 2015, and included for the first time mandatory hair testing for clenbuterol, beginning with the regional qualifying races and all Championship

AQHA Racing Challenge Implements Clenbuterol Testing: AQHA 10/29/15

By: Press Release Starting in 2016, horses in all regional Challenge races will be subject to hair testing for clenbuterol. In the American Quarter Horse Association’s continuing and ongoing efforts to further the safety and welfare of our horses, horsemen and industry, and to assure fairness of competition, AQHA will be implementing hair testing for

TVMDL Receives Interim Accreditation From RMTC: The Horse 10/20/15

By: Edited Press Release The Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) Drug Testing Laboratory received interim accreditation from the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) board at the group's October meeting. The laboratory is only the seventh such to achieve this status. The laboratory annually performs more than 3,500 tests for livestock and 7,400

AQHA Announces Zero Tolerance Policy on Clenbuterol: AQHA 1/5/15

Press Release Faced with continued increases in the number of reported clenbuterol overages in racehorses across the nation, the American Quarter Horse Association is taking steps for the safety and welfare of the horse and rider and is announcing that beginning January 1, 2016, clenbuterol, in any form, is banned from use in any type