The information on the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium Withdrawal Times Database does not constitute and is not a guarantee, warranty or assurance that the use of any of the therapeutic medications at the dosage listed will not result in a positive post-race test. The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium is not responsible for results differing in any way from the ones stated herein.

Use of this database and its information does not lessen or relieve any trainer’s responsibility for affirming that, during a horse race, a horse is free of any therapeutic medication listed in his or her state’s racing commission rulebook, and for complying with provisions of the state racing commission’s regulations.

Owners, trainers or any other persons responsible for the care of a racehorse are strongly advised to consult a veterinarian and the state racing commission regulatory veterinarian for guidance and advice on the use and withdrawal times of all therapeutic medications, as testing methodologies may change with little or no notice.

The guidelines provided in this database are not consistent with foreign regulations or laboratory methods. The RMTC cannot guarantee that guidelines provided are up-to-date.

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